My jeans, they're not hip enough..
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I have a bunch of kinda baggy Levis with the right color (no distressing and comfort). Since I bought them (well just 3 years ago), styles have changed and I've moved to Brooklyn. I'd like to tailor these so that they're less baggy and don't scrunch up (I'm not opposed to rolling, but doesn't seem to work). Is a original hem jean tailor make sense?
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My tailor charges $35 for hemming and tapering, but that doesn't include doing anything with the rise of the jeans or the thighs. You can pay around that price for just buying new, slimmer, more comfortable jeans rather than rebuilding old ones. I'd personally stay away from super skinny jeans, Brooklyn notwithstanding.

For Spring/Summer/Fall, look for jeans with a mix of cotton/poly/and a few percent spandex, or just cotton and a few percent spandex. The spandex makes jeans infinitely more comfortable. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg. Banana Republic Travelers are great and super comfortable, as are Bonobos. But Old Navy and Uniqlo make unbranded jeans that are completely fine and not terribly expensive. Look on Dappered for good style tips.
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The Brooklyn Levi's store has a tailor shop that does customization and hems. Bonus, they use the customization data to inform future design.
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Someone here (tip 'o the hat) said that older (35+?) men should only be wearing Levi's 513. And it's true! Slim and tailored like you are giving a nod to, or are cognizant of the latest styles, but are not going to actively participate.

They are pretty good, and cheap. Certainly no more than having a pair drasticlly altered.
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I am 100% behind the 1% spandex jeans. Old Navy has one I really like for not much money. So much better in every way.
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Dad jean thread is perfect. Looks like I'll be storing my old Levis at my parents until baggier comes back...
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You could also just not subscribe to whatever fashion and it's sure to come back in a couple years .. btw if you like comfort just get some uniqlo joggers that appear to be dress pants. That's the real trend * comfort max right now.

They also make sweatpants that look like jeans ... I've seen it paired with $300 tucked in shirts so it's definitely "fashionable".
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