Art workbook after "Drawing on the Right Side"
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In December I completed the book and workbook “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.” I would like to find a similar workbook to take me another step forward. It was really useful to have a discrete workbook with a clear end that I could accomplish in a specific time period. I also quite liked how there was a variety of methods, media, and subjects. What structured, self-guided artistic guides do you recommend?
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I just got "The Natural Way to Draw: A Working Plan for Art Study", you might want to check it out. It was suggested to me by artist friends but I think it's for those really serious to get good without going to art school.
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+ "The Artist's Way" for creative blocks
+ "Drawing Lessons From the Great Masters" by Robert Beverly Hale
+ "Understanding Perspective" by Radu Vero
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Another vote for The Natural Way to Draw: A Working Plan for Art Study.
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Not about observational drawing per se, but a series of well-thought-out assignments, in Cartooning: Theory and Practice by Ivan Brunetti. Pretty cool to work through. Also, Drawing Words and Writing Pictures by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden.
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I recommend Keys to Drawing as a next step. I also like The Natural Way to Draw but it has heavy concentration on the figure.
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