Finding a Jewish community
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With everything that's been happening lately, I've started to want more of a connection with my local Jewish community. Problem is, I don't know where to start.

I live near Somerville, MA and also spend a lot of time up near the southern border of New Hampshire. I don't know anyone else in the area who's Jewish (aside from a very racist uncle I can't deal with right now), so I don't have anyone to ask.

I'd appreciate recommendations for synagogues, community centers, groups, newsletters, magazines, online communities, volunteer opportunities, whatever. Bonus points if they'd be welcoming to my Gentile boyfriend.
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I am in a similar place, both mentally and literally (I'm in JP). If you want a buddy to go on synagogue visits with you, let me know.
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There are synagogues in Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, and a community in Arlington. Check out for lots of events. Let me know if you want more details.
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I might start by giving Chabad a call. They're orthodox, but they can point you toward various Jewish groups in your community.
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The historic Vilna Shul on Beacon Hill has regular programs called HOH, Havurah on the Hill, really friendly folks across a wide spectrum of the community. (The building seems old, well it is, but they are restoring it slowly, almost archaeologically to respect the different periods)
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My sister, who lives in Somerville, says "Temple Bnai Brith has young adult meet ups and Shabbats and is very open minded! I haven't gotten involved yet but have been meaning to."
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My brother who lives in Cambridge occasionally goes to events at The Tremont Street Shul; from when I've tagged along with him, they've been very welcoming and warm. They've got a range of worship styles and activities going on there.
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Reform and reconstructionist synagogues will be the most likely to welcome gentiles.

Chabad is run by Hasids, who are fundamentalist. I would avoid them.
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Hi, fellow Somervillan here! Shul shopping can be intimidating. We belong to Beth El Temple Center in Belmont. It's a reform synagogue, and I've found the community there welcoming. We're gearing up for my daughter's bat mitzvah this year. I can say that her non-Jewish stepmom feels welcome at services and school events.

There's also Havurat Shalom in Somerville, near Powderhouse Square. I have friends who are members there, and love it.

Then there's Shir Tikvah in Winchester, and more synagogues than you can shake a stick at in the burbs (I work for one during the school year).

Good luck, and feel free to memail for more info on BETC.
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When I lived in the area, Boston Workmen's Circle had a lot of outreach and education for the gentile community, as well as activism at the local level in Boston and the surrounds.
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Depending on your beliefs, there's also a non-theistic Jewish Humanist congregation around. I don't know anything about them except that they exist -- I've just been curious. Based on Google, this is probably the group I heard about.
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Sorry this is so late in the game, but if the Porter Square Minyan is still going strong, that's a lovely, informal, inclusive way to connect to the young-professional side of the Cambridge/Somerville Jewish community. I haven't lived in the area in nigh on 20 years, but back then it would get about 30-40 people for each monthly shabbat service / potluck dinner. Very friendly, cool people, always a highlight of the month for me.

The Jewish Boston page still lists it -- but the contact person is given as someone I remember from the late 90s, so either things have been remarkably stable this millennium or (probably more likely) the group died out a while back and nobody contacted the page's admin to tell him to take the listing down.

Worth a try to call, though.
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