Why can't I write a Google restaurant review?
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I had an unpleasant experience with a restaurant and want to share that with others. I think the most effective place to share is on Google reviews, where it's associated with the address/store hours/etc and also not associated with scammy Yelp tactics. I have written Google reviews before without issue. This time, every time I try to click on various write-a-review links (I tried them from every spot) it doesn't do anything.

I disabled all extensions, I opened up an incognito window, I tried both Chrome and Firefox and nada, I can't write a review. Most of the time clicking does absolutely nothing. From within the reading-all-reviews and then writing-a-review process, the screen seems to refresh or something but still no review option. I tried clicking on the add-a-photo button just to see if everything was borked, and that did work immediately. But I don't want to add a photo, I want to write a review.

Why is this? The restaurant currently has 528 reviews - is that a magic cap number?
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Are you logged in to your Google account? (Not a glib question - sometimes I've noticed I've gotten spontaneously logged out without noticing it.)
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Yes, I am logged in.
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Are you currently able to leave Google reviews for other places? That will help identify the breadth of the problem.
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500+ reviews on Google reviews seems like a lot. Maybe they've locked down the ability to review that business due to suspicious activity.
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Just tried it, and I am currently unable to leave Google reviews for the two other local restaurants that I tested. My last Google review was posted three weeks ago or so for a restaurant in Madrid, Spain. I cannot currently leave a review for a Spanish retaurant, either, as I just tried that too.
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I'm seeing the same problem so it's not just you.
(Hopefully this is a data point that helps lead to a true answer)
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I have good reason to suspect it's not user error and that someone just pushed bad code / configuration. It will probably be fixed posthaste.
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Confirming that this is currently broken for me too.
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It was good to know it wasn't just a me problem. I just rechecked and they fixed the issue. I was able to leave a review. Thanks!
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