Protesting McConnell fundraiser this week. What goes on my sign?
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Mitch McConnell is coming to town and I have time to make a sign but not print one or do anything complicated. Otherwise I'd go with this. It's a fundraiser for him and a senator with $2500-25000 entry fees. We'll be outside in a mostly residential area, so the sign's audience is mostly attendees unless there's press, which there might be. What words go on my sign? Help me pick something big and bold and terse and accusatory.

Sorry, I saw the linked art in the giant politics thread but lost the artist, please let me know if you know whose it is.
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He looks like a turtle, maybe a play on the cold-war "duck and cover" cartoon?
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A huge thumbs down?

(a la McCain's healthcare vote--You could even include a picture or silhouette of McCain. I'm not a McCain fan but am trying to think of what would irk McConnell most. Thinking back to the play-by-play videos of the vote, when McCain goes up to the clerk and does the thumbs-down while McConnell silently glares at him and keeps glaring when McCain looks at him afterwards...)

Sorry, I saw the linked art in the giant politics thread but lost the artist, please let me know if you know whose it is.

He is Edel Rodriguez and was featured in an Artsy piece here.
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'Complicit' was a great suggestion. Maybe something like 'Obstructing is not governing' or just a big bold lettering of the number of empty judgeships we currently have because of him.
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Stop Hurting America
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"I'm not being paid to be here, but you sure are."

"Country over party."

"Repeal the GOP."
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This is only a half-formed thought, but not only does McConnell look like a turtle, specifically he looks uncannily like Tippy the Turtle from the 70s/80s "Art School Drawing Test" ad.
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Please don't make fun of his appearance. Be a grownup.

Mitch is more than complicit, he's guilty. He chooses power and greed over the wellbeing of his constituents and fellow human beings. Something about greed and power over duty to the people and the constitution?


Do you have a guestlist? Can you name their companies? They are in there trading financial support for favorable government legislation. You might also think about calling them and their company/corporation out.

Mitch McDonnell's wife is Elaine Chao, who was made Secretary of Transportation in Trump's cabinet. She stood next to Trump proudly yesterday at the press conference (August 15th) when he announced that corrupt "Infrastructure" bill (deregulation of important safeguards and transfer of public money and public environmental resources to cronies and donors) when Trump exploded around the 10 min mark defending white supremacists for the next 8+ minutes. She is a special kind of evil, too. Please don't forget her.

Neither are public servants, both are corrupt and would likely be prosecuted in a perfect world. Thank you for protesting! I'll think on this and try to come up with something.
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I like complicit, possibly with "you are all" written above it in smaller letters to make it clear I am speaking to every GOPer on site, not just McConnell or Gardner.
Other ideas I've had since posting this:
"Are you 'very fine people' too?"
GOP: You own this.
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You Have Plenty of Money
Start Working For Good
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Further update: fuck it, it's too long but maybe I'm just finding a way to print Katie Mack's tweet.
"Grandpa, what did YOU do when Nazi sympathizers took over the White House?"

"I thought maybe I could get lower taxes by cooperating"
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Nevertheless, with Trump he persisted.
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Treason in the defense of tax cuts
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Or maybe: McTrumpell - Nazis need tax cuts!
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I painted up the tweet real good on a giant tagboard. Didn't see Mitt, but did get to watch people in rush hour traffic drive slowly towards me, start to make out the sign, finish reading it and react for.... almost an hour. Based on that data, I definitely made the right choice. Plus I got scowled at by a guy who looked almost exactly like Richard Nixon!

Denver stats & observations:
- ~20% honk, wave, or thumbs up rate
- under 0.5% angry yelling by Trump supporters
- people who drive large trucks in Denver really hate Trump
- the number of people in BMWs, Mercedes, Teslas or other luxury cars who honk excitedly at an anti-Trump rally this week outnumber those whose faces went all uncomfortably tight and sped up once they were able to read this sign by around 5:1 (hellloooooo donor class how ya doin')

Protests always make me super burnt out on activists and this was no exception, but the sign definitely made the experience very worthwhile even as I struggled with a) being surrounded by people who just! love! protestswoooo! b) a young 20something insisting that our Colorado protest should chant "vote McConnell out!" and c) most people showing up with signs with way more words than my already-wordy sign, written in tiny lettering, covering like 17 different issues. BASIC COMPETENCE PEOPLE OMG.
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Hungry looking, dirty little kid, with a dirty Christmas stocking full of coal.
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