Hiking in the alps in September
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Can anyone recommend a good base for hiking in the alps mid September (perhaps the Dolomites)? I have looked through various sites and other asks but the options are overwhelming... I am going to be travelling on my own and can only do four or five nights. I will be travelling from Paris and then to London at the end.

I considered a guided tour though not sure if it's worth it (but maybe it is considering my short time frame). Basically I'd like to travel from Paris (whether by plane, train or automobile) to a place that I can use as a starting point for three or four days of hiking on my own - whether day hikes or from hut to hut. I am in fairly good shape though not a super experienced alpine hiker. As context, I have done the Milford trek in NZ which I found enjoyable but very easy. Any suggestions?
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Check out Zermatt, Switzerland! It's all walkable (no cars permitted in the village), maddeningly beautiful, there's a ton of great hiking of all levels (all the way to hiking the Matterhorn!) And it's the off season do you should be easily able to get a room or airbnb.

Downside, it's Switzerland, so prices are higher than in Italy or France.
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The Dolomites are fantastic. We spent a week in St. Christina and it was a perfect base. You can get to any of the hiking areas via convenient bus. And then the hiking is almost unlimited. We then spent 3 nights in Cortina. It's a nice city, but St. Christina was right in the heart of it all.
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Interlaken has a lot of options, and it's beautiful at that time of year.
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With regard to bases, I'll see kevinbelt's Interlaken and raise you Lauterbrunnen. From experience, I would specifically recommend Hotel Silberhorn. Even more specifically, if your budget can stretch to it, book one of the Staubbach rooms (the view is tremendous).
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