Doesn't seem quite so whackadoodle anymore
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Hopefully this should be an easy dunk. I'm looking for a series of forum posts that got some circulation about ten or so years back concerning civil war breaking out in the US around the 2010s. This seems sort of prescient now, as race battles were mentioned. The aftermath was a fractured group of republics. Some key ideas that might make this stick out were "shotgun brigades" in Florida and then the truck/mobile internet system that replaces the destroyed grid).

Those two ideas are what stuck out most for me; I can't really recall other details with much confidence but I would know it when I see it. Does that ring a bell for anyone?
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Was it the John Titor mythology?

My friends and I used to get kind of high and space out on it. . . good times.
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Yes, that's it! Oh, wow. Yeah, it's pretty whackadoodle still. Though civil war and all...

Anyway, thanks!
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