App for anonymous agitating
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I would like to facilitate group chats/discussion for a group of people where comments would either be entirely anonymous or done via pseudonym. Ideally this would be phone-based. Can you please suggest an app?

This is to enable a group of people who have to be publicly supportive of policy X to have a private forum to discuss their opposition to it. Any features that help preserve anonymity and secrecy are a plus. This also needs to be easily scalable to a lots of people (potentially hundreds) who aren't particularly tech savvy. I know about Signal but it seems like it keeps your name (or at least your phone number) tied to your messages.
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Would a private Slack org work for this? Members would need to sign up with an email address but that could be a burner, and you can choose whatever pseudonym/username you like once you're in. The mobile app is decent and reasonably usable, and Slack is free as long as you don't care about certain features (none of which sound critical to what you're trying to do).
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Firechat does this on iOS.
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Not exactly a forum for discussion, but allows anonymous feedback. Look at the first app on this list, Sarahah, available on both iOS and Android.
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