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I recently moved back to the Twin Cities and am looking for jobs! I would like advice on employers I should consider and/or websites to search.

I recently got a degree in museums and have been applying for jobs in museums. There is, however, a lot of competition in this field. I'm interested in looking at positions in other areas. I've been searching on the MN non profits job board, especially for positions relating to education or other museum-adjacent fields, however I'm also interested in looking at the for-profit sector and am turning to MeFi for recommendations of companies.

I have some experience in administrative work, usability/market research, and education. I have worked at a product design company and enjoyed the creative environment with fewer coworkers. I've signed up with a temp agency (though recommendations for other temp agencies are also appreciated) and I plan to search for jobs on county, state, and city websites as well as at the U of MN. A friend pointed me towards the field of "instructional design" which is somewhat intriguing. Other ideas for job titles I could throw into general job search sites would be welcome as well.

Where else should I be looking for jobs? Any companies that you recommend I take a look at?
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You've covered the ones I like. I started my career at Mia, and I'm currently at the U. I'd add in to cover the other colleges and universities in town. You can limit the search by geography pretty well.
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Came into the thread to suggest The Creative Group as a temp/contract agency. I had a job search running last year in pretty much the same TC domains you're talking about (I've been in museums and higher ed for a long time, finishing an MA in art history now), and my experience was that being suggested for positions by TCG kicked me up to the front of a bunch of lines that you'd just have to sort of stand in if you applied normally. So check them out.

Aaaaand then: since you say you're interested in instructional design- check out Capella University as a place to work; it is a for-profit school, but it's accredited and makes a serious attempt to make online learning work. It's where TCG placed me (I've since switched over to full-time), and it's a pretty good place to work.

feel free to memail me if you'd like more info!
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MN passed the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund amendment in 2008, and I think most, if not all, participants/recipients mention it. That might be a good search term to use, too! You can view all recipients here.

Minneapolis is pretty proud of its parks system, for good reason, and it looks like they have a Digital Communications Representative position open that might fit you.

I think many for-profit places are on our state's website, and I'm guessing the non-profit job board you are searching is

I don't know if you have any radio experience, but ampers is an association for independent radio stations throughout MN and can alsways use more stories that are also Arts and Culture stuff. (Forgive me if this is not the museum stuff you were referencing!)
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Perhaps slightly tangential, but may be helpful is the Wooddale Church Job Transition Support Group. It's a long-time, well-established program that provides effective networking, though it does have some churchy aspects, if you can appreciate or at least tolerate that.
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