Seattle toddler opthalmologist?
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My 1-year-old has one eye larger than the other, and his primary care provider recommended getting it checked out. But all the pediatrician eye doctors we came across either (a) only see older children, (b) only deal with complex conditions or surgeries, or (c) are optometrists. Any recommendations for a Seattle opthalmologist who works with toddlers and can help with our issue?
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I'm surprised his pediatrician didn't recommend anyone. Have you tried just calling Seattle Children's ophthalmology department and asking if they have anyone on staff who sees toddlers?
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We have seen Dr. Gracia Cinciripini at Kaiser on Cap Hill, and I know she works at a bunch of different hospitals/groups. She is wonderful, and so so good with little ones. We saw her when our kid was 6 months-4 years old.
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To clarify, all but one of our pediatrician's recs have the problems I mentioned, and Seattle Children's in particular is oriented towards more complex/crucial eye problems.

I should have mentioned earlier: our toddler's medical insurance is through Aetna PPO.
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