Where to find eclipse glasses in Seattle?
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I have come to terms with the fact that the eclipse glasses I ordered online are never going to arrive. I am struggling to find them locally (Seattle, WA). Is there anywhere that definitely has some in stock?

Places that I have tried already:

- Seattle Public Libraries
- Warby Parker
- Several hardware stores
- Bartells
- Fred Meyer

Is there anywhere in Seattle that has them left in stock?
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Just use a magnifying glass to focus the sun onto a piece of paper. Even a pin hole in a piece of cardboard will work. You can see it very well without risking damage to your retinas.
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While I appreciate your input, I am not looking for alternatives to glasses.
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Greenwood space shop

The Pacific Science Center has a gift shop, this sounds like exactly the kind of thing they would stock.

Note I haven't checked of either of the above actually have glasses, but they both seem like excellent places to start asking, and might be able to direct you to other local sources, since I'm sure they've been fielding requests even if they don't stock the glasses.
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Which Fred Meyer have you tried? I saw several at the one on Lake City Way this past Sunday.
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Ooh, also Ada's Technical books on Capitol Hill - they also sell a lot of gifts/sciencey knick knacks
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Our local planetarium gift shop has them, yours probably does, too. I found mine there after someone else posted on NextDoor asking where they could find them.
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I bought some at Andaluz in Columbia City on Saturday for $2/pair.
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Ada's had them - thanks!
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I'm a Seattleite. My local Buy Nothing group on Facebook has had literally daily posts giving away extra eclipse glasses these last couple of weeks.
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All the Fred Meyers are out, I hear.
My neighborhood Facebook groups seem to be organizing getting them in bulk daily.
The greenwood space store doesn't have any BTW.
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For the record, we just bought the last couple that Ada's had, so that source is tapped out.
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Cloud Break Optics in Ballard, as of a few hours ago, according to a friend who bought some there.
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