How much should I sell a gun safe for?
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I have a Fort Knox Defender 6026 gun safe, 2004 edition. Per internet search, new models of the safe sells for well over $2000, though the new version has fire rating of 90 minutes, while mine is rated for 50 minutes. I plan to craigslist the safe, but I want to see if the hivemind can advise what's a reasonable sale price to expect.

I inherited the safe from the house's previous owner. I don't own guns or any other valuables like jewelry so don't really see a reason to keep it. New ones cost >$2000, but has better fire resistance time. Here is the link to the newer version with the same model number. So I don't know what to reasonably expect for this 2004 model. An acquaintance offered me $200 to take it off my hands, but that feels awfully low for what it is selling now (or am I just being too greedy?)
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My first instincts agree with you, $200 for any gun safe seems awfully low, they are items that should hold their value more than that, and that's a nice safe. $200 is a gun safe that keeps toddlers out but does almost nothing to a person with a crowbar. I'd expect at least a thousand if you're actually aiming to sell it for profit, they aren't cheap and don't wear much.

Something to consider though, is that a gun safe is a very heavy, bulky and difficult thing to move and transport by design. That safe weighs 700 pounds and doesn't have any handholds, it's going to require some serious work to move it very far or get it into a vehicle that can haul it. You're going to want to factor that into whatever price you charge, someone who can come and pick it up without much or any effort on your part is very different to having to haul it yourself.

If that friend meant it as more of a "I'll come over and haul it out for you" as a part favor, part purchase situation, I can see why they'd offer such a low price. It depends on if you're looking to sell it or just get rid of it I guess.

(On reflection, it's possible that a used safe is a safe nobody but friends and family will trust or buy, and it doesn't have much value. I honestly don't think I'd buy a safe from a stranger to keep my guns in I guess.)
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Is there a robust market for guns/gun safes in your area? If not it's 700 pounds of scrap metal that people aren't equipped to come pick up.

Your decision is probably between $200 now, leaving it for the next home owner or paying a service a bunch to take it away.
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When it comes to moving it, you should be able to lift the door off the hinges and move it in two pieces. I'd ask $650 to 900 for it.
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As TheAdamist points out, the real cost of transferring this safe to another person is the fact that it has to be moved.

Maybe call a gun / safe store in your town and ask what they can tell you about the used safe market? They might be able to broker a better deal than $200, and would have the equipment to move it.
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Put it on Craigslist for $800 and see what happens. It'll take five minutes to list. If it doesn't sell, go lower.
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Check with local auction house & see if they support Proxibid online auction site. You may get a good price that way
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Since it cost you nothing, any price you get will be pure profit. My approach to Craigslist is I just want the stuff gone, and I price it to move. I'd price it around $500-750 and get it gone.
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My friend has this exact situation and the delivery situation is the problem. The new $2000 safe comes with delivery. The buyer has to figure out how to deal with yours on their own. This drives the price way down. I suspect you could get $900-$1000 for it if you include delivery, but the $200 offered by a friend to pick it up seems realistic.
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Are you sure you don't have anything that could beneficially be stored in there? Wills, mortgages, family heirlooms, even old family photos?

Unless you NEED to move it, I'd be inclined to keep it, and use it to store those things that I would least like to lose to fire/theft.
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You should probably be aware that Craigslist prohibits buying, selling, or trading weapons and that some CL communities are really militant about flagging any gun related ads, even if no actual guns appear in the ad. In your position, I would search my local CL site for gunsafe|"gun safe" to see if your community will tolerate them. You could, of course, just omit the gun part and describe the safe with dimension, fire rating, etc.

Be careful about using existing ads to set a price, since any ads you find will be for safes that have not sold. It might make sense to search completed auctions on eBay for actual selling prices.
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Since it's a safe and not a weapon I wouldn't worry about the weapon restrictions on CL.

Sell it for what you can get. $600 to $900 sounds very reasonable. It cost you nothing so it's pure profit. Make sure to mention the buyer needs to supply transportation.
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My husband recently sold a gun safe to a friend for just under half of what he paid for it. $200 is waaaaaay low. It should sell fine for $800-900.
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