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During a long car ride this past weekend, I put on some episodes of Wow in the World for my four year old, and he loved them. I particularly liked that they were better than his usual request of poppy kids music. Unfortunately, episodes only come out twice a week. What are other podcasts, preferably short and educational, that are aimed at young kids?
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Brains On! is very similar to Wow in the World (and honestly I find it less annoying).
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I was just on an episode of But Why? a VPR podcast about kids' questions. No music, just Q&A type stuff.
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I used to really enjoy NPR's How To Do Everything, which is not a kids' podcast per se, but it's very kid-appropriate and had a lot of kiddo listeners. It's no longer publishing but there's a long back catalog.
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My kids adore Finn Caspian!
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- Brains On
- Storynory
- Some episodes of Radiolab ... Argentine Invasion was a favorite. It talks about life-or-death battles between ant colonies!
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Not a podcast but we listened to TONS of chapter books on tape in the car when mine was little.
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My kid and the adults riding along with her adore Story Pirates for road trips. The concept is like Drunk History, only swapping a 5-to-10-year-old storyteller for the drunk, and audio theatre for TV as the medium.
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Tumble, Brains On, and Storytime are our favorites.
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