Best notebooks for Marcy Uchida LePen
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I just got a pack of LePen pens and I love them, but they bleed through the pages of my usual cheapie marble notebooks. I'm willing to upgrade my notebooks, but need recommendations for ones where a LePen won't bleed through (so I can write on both sides of the paper), and is standard bound rather than ring/wire-bound. Direct links to purchase welcomed/appreciated!
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I like Leuchtturm. I have the medium sized soft bound one and use ink pens like lePen. You can usually find these at your local bookstores.
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Consider giving up writing on both sides of the paper. You can then use the space for corrections, comments, notes, references etc. AFTER you fill one side.
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Seconding Leuchtturm. You may also want to check Rhodia and Clairefontaine for very luscious smooth-papered notebooks. Here's some info from the ever-informative JetPens site.
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More generally, look for notebooks made with bagasse paper, which is made from sugarcane fiber (bonus: rapidly newable resource.) It's amazing stuff for fountain pen ink (a lot of which also tends to bleed through cheapie lined notebook paper) and would probably do well with Le Pen too. Staples has a "Sustainable Earth" line of bagasse composition notebooks, but they apparently only sell them online these days. Assuming they're similar to the 'Eco Choice' bagasse notebooks they used to carry, they're really nice.
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Nthing the recommendations for Rhodia, Clairefontaine and Leuchtturm. For no reason I can articulate, I prefer Clairefontaine, but all three are great.
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Nthing all the recs for Rhodia/Clairefontaine/Leuchtturm, but I'll throw Fabriano in as well. I use a few Marvy LePens in my Leuchtturm bullet journal as well as Sakura Microns, Staedler Triplus Fineliners, and a few fountain pens, but I also use a Rhodia notepad and a Fabriano dot grid notepad, and the Fabriano paper is probably my favorite out of all the papers I write on. There are a fair amount of notebook options from Fabriano -- I'm partial to the gluebound notepads (the "dot notebooks") but check out the Eco Qua staple bound and spiral bound options here.
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If you like the marble composition look, Roaring Spring makes them with heavyweight paper. I've never tested it with a Le Pen, though.
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