Oyster Bar in Vancouver BC
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What are your personal recommendations? I'm probably the only person in my traveling party who is looking forward to this, so bonus if the place has a good cocktail/wine list or a nice view. But I want to know which is your recommendation for its oysters alone. Thanks!
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Blue Water Cafe is excellent ($$$$), 5 types on any given night, and has fresh seafood for your friends.
But if you're visiting Granville Island stop in at the Lobster Man market and shuck/eat the oysters outside for lunch, pretty fun. (they close at six). Or for a view, get them to go and enjoy w wine at the beach.
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I don't care for oysters but Rodney's seems to be the default for friends who do.
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Seconding artdrectr; Blue Water Cafe is very nice (good cocktails/wine selection, too) and Gastown is neat to walk around. But yeah, $$$$.

The Lobster Man will also sell oyster knives (and lemons and other condiments). They typically will have at least a handful of different oysters and they'll clock in around $0.50-0.75 each (give or take). If you're visiting Vancouver, odds are that you'll pop into Granville Island anyway.
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Blue Water in Yaletown (not Gastown) is excellent, as is Rodney's a few blocks down.

If you are driving the Sea to Sky or going to Bowen or to the Island from Horseshoe Bay, there are two oyster places there as well that I would also suggest. Olive and Anchor offers oysters with outdoors seating and you can enjoy a post-meal ice cream by walking by the seaside with mountain views. If Olive and Anchor are too busy, Trolls is good nearby, they have been there for decades, lottery winnings (twice!) be damned. The Bay Moorings nearby used to be good, but they are now under new management and according to Yelp it's not working too well.
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I always like Oyster Express in Chinatown. Super cute. Excellent quality.
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