Marketplace Health Insurance Got Cancelled - How do I get it back?
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My marketplace got cancelled. I was late on payment. Eventually paid but payment got sent to an old account, my account got cancelled. I'm appealing but not hoping for much. In meantime, I'm trying to buy a health insurance plan through private market but I keep being told I can only enroll through the marketplace. (which won't allow me back in - Huh?)

I work for a job that offers health insurance but this falls out of their 60-day window for life-changing events so no luck there either. My insurance is listed cancelled as of Mar 31 this year.

Are there any freelancer unions/credit unions/organizations I can join to get health insurance. I know it will be expensive but I do need my health insurance back. Thanks.
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Oh hi, this *exact* scenario happened to me; I paid my premium on time through my state's exchange, they screwed up and applied it to the previous year's account, and then cancelled my coverage for non-payment. The utterly incompetent people at the exchange seemed almost gleeful in their indifference/inability to correct the error.

YMMV depending on your state, but what eventually worked for me was public shaming on twitter; I called out the state exchange, my state reps, and and the Governor's office in the same tweet, and got a reply from the governor's office within minutes directing me to call the Governor's "Constituent services office". I called with details, and they apparently rattled somebody's cage at the state exchange because I got connected with a marginally less incompetent 2nd-tier support drone who escalated my ticket, and my marketplace plan did eventually get restored (although they screwed me out of that misdirected payment in the process.)

TL;DR see if your state governor's office has a similar office/hotline, and raise holy hell with them. If not, maybe try contacting your state representative(s).
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Call the customer service office of your old company. This happens ALL THE TIME. If you don't get a response there, call your state's Department of Insurance and file a complaint. Every state has a consumer hotline/helpline. The process shouldn't take more than 2 weeks to 30 days to repair and if it was there error, they will reinstate you with a retroactive date.
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What nubianinthedesert said about the old company. They do have the right to refuse you, but I also like to believe that they also want your money. In my case, I had to speak to a representative ("Alan") of my insurance company, who patched in somebody ("Betty") from the company that handles my subsidy, and they also got a Marketplace representative ("Charlie") on the line to look at my case. While the four of us were on the call together, Alan explained to Betty & Charlie that, by the time I called, I was paid up and able to keep up with payments going forward. Charlie re-calculated what plan I could get and what subsidy I could receive. Alan had me confirm that, without coverage, I could face (due to a condition) a life-threatening issue. I had to say several times that I had screwed up and wouldn't do it again. It was an hourlong call and several quick followup calls and messages, but within a few weeks, I was covered again.
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