Cheap circumaural bluetooth headphones for an open-plan office
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The microUSB charger to my nice CSL bluetooth headphones broke at the weekend and I'm in crisis. I would rebuy the same ones, but I can't; I got some "iFetta" £22 ones on Amazon, but despite all the good reviews they're buzzing with interference and have a lot of sound leakage issues. A good sub-£50 replacement is what stands between me and utter insanity.

IMPORTANT criteria

- BLUETOOTH. I am clumsy and constantly catch cables onto things and it's a nightmare. This also ends up damaging the headphones fairly quickly.
- The headphones need to go OVER AND AROUND the ear, not on top of/squashing the ear.
- Sound leakage is important and should be minimal.
- I mean this is related but ideally there would be considerable noise isolation such that even when not listening to stuff I can block out background noise just because of the seal around my ears.
- Active noise cancellation sounds awesome but I appreciate it's difficult on my budget.
- I mostly listen to podcasts, so I'd like a sound quality that's good for speech. I don't think I care about bass so much as crispness.
- Sturdiness is a good idea because I want to use these every day for as long as possible.
- Price. I can go up to £50, but I'd rather keep it as low as possible.

I'm exhausted and would really appreciate some recommendations.
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