Where to find intraday pricing for a specific stock on a specific date?
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My access to a (very expensive) financial services tool doesn't include the ability to look at the movement of a stock on a specific day (and only that day). What gives? How can I find this?

I'm not in finance but have access to S&P's CapitalIQ, including the Real Time module. Support tells me that it can't produce a chart of one stock on one day. Searching online points me to some potential sources of data, but I'm not inclined to learn the skills to put it together. This seems like a pretty straightforward use case. What am I missing?
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Ask a Librarian!
Here is info from Multnomah County Library--

Quick Question: Have you tried yahoo finance under historical data?
posted by calgirl at 10:13 AM on August 14, 2017

Thanks! I need more than a price on a day. I need prices (per hour or per minute) during a specific day in the past (within the last 12 months). Yahoo Finance may have this information through their API, but I don't have wherewithall to grok it at the moment.
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Have you reviewed this old thread on how to source intraday tick data? There are a few suggestions including my offer to recommend a vendor for this purpose.
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I missed that earlier thread, thank you, rdnnyc! Yes, I would be very interested in a vendor recommendation.
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