40 hours in Puerto Escondido
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As part of an upcoming trip, a friend and I will be in Puerto Escondido from December 1-3. Does anyone have any travel advice? (specifically regarding the Manialtepec Lagoon, but also some other things)

We fly in to Puerto Escondido at 1pm on December 1 and leave at 11am on December 3.

I am particularly interested in seeing the Manialtepec Lagoon at night for its bioluminescence, but parts of the internet are saying that this only happens several times a year. I'm a little concerned with this plan because it will be during a full moon...which I hear is bad for trying to hang with our bioluminescent friends. Is anyone here a bioluminescent organism expert? What's the scoop?

We are also interested in kayaking while in the area. Is the lagoon the best place to kayak? My friend claims that ocean kayaking is a thing, but I'm concerned that with the waves and surfers that might be bad news. Has anyone kayaked in that area? (I'm also interested in doing SUP, which is as close to surfing as I get...)

Any food + general travel advice also welcome. Generally we like food and drinks and outdoor activities over just chilling on the beach (although I do want to have a beach beer and observe surfers for at least a bit!). Thank you!!
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