Origin of "Overt/Covert White Supremacy" pyramid graphic?
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Does anyone know who the original creator of this graphic going around social media is? I would prefer to be using/sharing it with proper attribution, but I'm having trouble tracking that down. I know I've seen it before this weekend, although it's making the rounds again in the wake of Charlottesville.
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Not responsive to the question, so feel free to delete, but I've wondering whether there's any significance to whether the examples are inside or outside of the triangle?
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Putting it into Google Images and then walking back the date, the earliest I can track it down is a March 2013 "download file" blog entry. It seems to be posted on people's blogs most frequently in August 2016.
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Best answer: Looks like it was made by someone named Ellen Tuzzolo who first posted it on Facebook.
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AwkwardPause: The outside examples simply didn't fit in the triangle's space...in a larger graphic they'd be inside.
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Got it, thank you -- I was thinking that was the case, but then worried I was too dense to appreciate the difference.
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Here is the link to the Google Image Search results -- I tried the same thing as WCityMike but I didn't have the patience to check all the results that didn't show a date. Of the entries with a date, it looks like in August 2016 it got shared a lot.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all, for the help! From katecholamine's comment I was able to track down a version on Ellen Tuzzolo's Facebook page that includes additional source information.
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