What was your experience with the Capturing Kids' Hearts program?
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My district has made the decision to have my school pilot this program and I have two full days of training in front of me. Tell me how the Capturing Kids' Hearts program and/or training has worked in your classroom or at your school.

I have taught a long time and am confident in my management skills, relationships with students and command of my curriculum. I am wary of what on first glance appears to be expensive flavor of the month high-paid consultants whose only direction for training is, "Bring an item of sentimental value" when I am admittedly not much into sharing with my colleagues, staff bonding or doing much besides keeping to my own classroom and doing my job quietly and well with a group of mostly awesome kids.

After a thousand years at this job seeing many programs come and silently disappear one or two years later with nary a mention, it is possible I am being too grumpy and cynical. So: have you done this training or implemented this program in your classroom or school? What was useful? What was not?
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If implemented with fidelity over the entire school year it can be very effective. My area has implemented this program for over 3 years. The classrooms that do it properly get good results. It is fundamentally about creating a positive emotional environment and helping the students feel like people instead of test-takers. Some of it may be beyond you, but in my area it has made some ground in reducing behavior issues and helping students focus.*

Note that I've not gone through the training but I'm close to those that have. So take my reply with that in mind. I know the teachers that believe in the curriculum and apply it and the kids coming out of their classes seem to be more motivated and focused.
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Just got prompted to follow up after a month: I think this would be a decent program for a school that was struggling with connecting with kids which needed a structure for doing so, or which didn't have a solid behavioral plan. My school was already doing fine with that and it is definitely being implemented halfway at best- which is okay with me. The training felt snake oily and cult-y and I am fine with this inevitably disappearing as all expensive programs do.
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