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I've been given a small collection of silver American coins - dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars from when these coins were made entirely or mostly with silver. Looking at a couple different coin websites, the value of these coins based on their silver content is roughly $400. How can I get the maximum amount of money for selling these coins? I'm in Seattle. Thanks!
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How did you come up with the $400 valuation? Just because a coin is listed for sale at $50 doesn't mean it will actually sell for $50, and there are usually transaction fees. If you can figure out the material value of the silver, that'd be a good starting point.
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In 2008 I sold my silver coins on eBay. Yes, eBay.

Research revealed that this is was a common way to buy and sell what is called 'junk silver', that is, coins valued only for their silver content. The local coin dealers buy prices were ridiculously low compared to both their sell prices and the daily prices for junk silver on websites such as Also sufficiently lower than eBay prices that it was worth my effort.

I listed 1 roll at a time. Everything sold without a problem. My established seller reputation probably helped. So did my detailed description of how i wrapped the coins for shipping. I read that was important, because buyers want to know the seller knows that if a package is damaged in transit, spilling coins, both buyer and seller lose out. There are many sources of instructions. Finally, at first I didn't list an auction until after receiving feedback from the preceding one. Once I had a handful of happy customers, listing frequency increased.
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Seconding eBay. I sold a gold coin quickly and easily for right around what my research said it was worth.
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You should ask the people at /r/coins on Reddit. This comes up at lest once a week, and usually someone will chime in with a local solution. They're really nice folks!
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unless they are collectable they are only worth their weight. talk to a REAL coin dealer then talk to another one, do nothing online too many scammers.
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