What's a good cute/punny name for an animatronic bird.
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Can you help me come up with a name for my animatronic bird? I'm working on making my own animatronic bird, based on the birds in the Enchanted Tiki Room in Disney(World/Land). Those birds are named José, Michael, Pierre and Fritz. And I'd like a cute/punny/Disney name for this first prototype.

I want my animatronic bird prototype to have a name. Once i build the first non-prototype, that one will become my José, but for now, this one is simply"the prototype bird".... so i need a name for this bird. I want it to be a cute or punny name, preferrably with a Disney related theme. Some that friends have suggested were "Rosita", as well as a few that weren't really disney related along the lines of like "Larry Bird" etc. I'm trying to avoid sports names... they just don't feel right.

I'm building mine from scratch, intending on releasing/selling plans to make/sell parts to make more of them. I'm also working on all of the software and communications/driver hardware etc. I made a motion capture device, in the fashion of the "Waldo" that Jim Henson made for puppet mo-cap. Mine is named "Walter"... a play on "Waldo" but with a "Disney" flair.

blog posts about the project: http://www.wintergroundfairlands.com/search/label/animatronic%20avian

I also have a youtube video showing its use, but i will refrain from posting that here, since the goal is to name the bird, not get views of the video. ;)
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Since this is your first prototype, how about "Primo"? It's italian/spanish for "first born".
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How about Archie, short for the dinosaurish bird/birdish dinosaur, Archaeopteryx?
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Ortho Goodfly. (This is for old folks. Ask Grandma. But I like Ortho.)
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You could name one after a character -- Zazu, Heihei, Lady Cluck, Iago, any of the McDuck family, Scuttle, etc.

(I'd love to see the video)
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I immediately thought of Disney's The Three Caballeros, where there is a character named José Carioca.

From the Wikipedia:

José is quite popular in Brazil, appearing alongside Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in the local Disney Comics. In Brazil he's known as Zé Carioca ("Zé" being a familiar form for Portuguese name "José", in much the same way "Joe" is a familiar form for the English name "Joseph").

I think Zé would be an adorable and super fitting name for the first incarnation of José.
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Onda. Onda Fritz.
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Sherman - after the Sherman brothers
Uncle Orville - after the animatronic guy in the bathtub
Polly Crump - after Rolly, who did some work on the Tiki Room
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Marty Sklar, the ultimate Disney Imagineer, passed away the other week. "Marty" would be a nice tribute.
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Archimedes is the name of the owl in The Sword in the Stone as well as the Greek inventor of a number of machines, which seems appropriate for what you're doing.
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Disney is very protective of their stuff, especially if you plan on making money from it. Having said that:
The bird from Aladdin voiced by Gilbert Gottfried is named Iago.
The little chicken from Moana is named Hei Hei.
The bird from Lion King voiced by Rowan Atkinson is Zazu (maybe flip that to Zuza to avoid copyright drama, plus that's kind of fun to say.)
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To comment on a few things:

The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke_drtcsk0M (please enable adblock. This is not a ploy for video views or ad views, etc.)

I'm a big fan of Ze Frank... And I really like "Primo"... although "Sherman" would be good... Archimedes is great for the reasons you mentioned...

I gotta admit, "Polly Crump" is pretty darn clever! :D Marty too, for similar dedicational value.

Eventually, I may make more smaller birds, and Hei would be perfect for that one.

As for Disney being protective... If i were to sell these, they'd be sold as just the bird, completely my own design, inspired by theirs, but not a direct copy. I've already gotten clearance for a song to be included with the software, not a Disney track... ;) . Although, I may include the motion/animation files for other existing audio tracks, like the Tiki Room. ;)
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Yes to all the birds from Disney movies named above, plus since the Enchanted Tiki Room and the glorious wonder of Dole Whips are so closely linked in the Disney parks, perhaps Dole? Or maybe Piña (spanish for pineapple) if you do make smaller birds later on?
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