Is there a cure for sleeptalking?
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Is there a cure for sleeptalking?
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Well, if you were wearing something like a sleep apnea CPAP mask, I suppose bedfellows might not be able to hear you.
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My husband's sleep talking (along with his snoring, teeth grinding and night terrors) all disappeared when he started using a CPAP machine. If you can, do a sleep study and see if it would help you to use such a device.
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Mine seems to get worse when I'm more stressed out. I've noticed it gets better when I get more sleep, get regular physical exercise, eat better, hydrate, destress more, and sometimes when I wear an anti-teeth grinding guard.
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Hubs sleeptalks less if he meditates for five minutes before bed; sleeptalks way more if he plays video games, or reads. (Video games by far the worst culprit in terms of excessive sleeptalk, but books do do it too.)
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The above commenters have it right, IME - stress and sleep apnea are the two big contributors to more-than-occasional sleep talking.

If you have other symptoms of sleep apnea, to wit: unrefreshing sleep, snoring, thrashing around, waking up gasping for air, waking up bathed in sweat even in a cool room, dry mouth and/or headache upon waking up in the morning - get a sleep test.

If you don't have any sleep apnea symptoms but you are going through a period of stress - meditating or doing light yoga before bed, listening to a soothing podcast, soaking in an epsom salts bath with a drop or two of lavender oil, have all been known to help.
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