How do I make Network Solutions and Typepad work?
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Please please please can someone help me make my Network Solutions registered domain map to my Typepad site?

When attempting to follow Typepad's instructions for setting up domain mapping with a Network Solutions registered domain I receive the warning that "An A record already exists for the entered Alias". Has this anything to do with the domain presently pointing to a Network Solutions under construction page? Has anyone experience with using Network Solutions and Typepad that can offer advice on getting domain mapping to work? Any DNS monkeys care to volunteer to fix this for me? I'm that sick of it I'm willing to pay someone at this point as I'm not really getting the answers I need from either party.
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Here's a first obvious question, but what is the registered domain? Might also help to know what the name of your typepad site is.
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Response by poster: chrismear swooped in with some tech-support by IM and fingers crossed I'm sorted now! Cheers, chrismear.
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Best answer: remove any A records for, but keep the A record at Then you create a CNAME record for, pointing to your typepad server by name. Most registrars by default will setup two A records, for with and without www, and you just need to remove the one.
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Best answer: 'Angonaminnit. Is there a reason we shouldn't remove the 'without www' A record as well? I advised nthdegx to remove both of them, since the Typepad setup wanted both '' and '' to be CNAMEd to
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I had issues mapping my domain (not from Network) to my TypePad blog - here's my question and some answers that might be useful. Good luck - I know it can be super frustrating!
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