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All inclusive resort for 3 or 4 nights. We need your advice!

Thinking about an all inclusive resort for a few days in September with my girlfriend. We envision sitting on the beach, drinking ridiculous rum drinks, eating massive amounts of ceviche, etc.

Neither of us have ever done an all inclusive. Have you? Any favorite spots? Any place you'd advise against? We are kinda leaning towards somewhere Caribbean but we are open to where ever.

More details...We'd prefer to fly direct (from Minneaplos), we only want to do 3 or 4 nights, we want decent food, we'd prefer not to stay in a high rise hotel. If we could get our own cabanas or cabins or whatever that would be cool.

How much should we expect to spend ? Any favorite websites for finding an all inclusive? Or better yet, just tell us which one to stay at!

Thanks! :)
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My husband and I stayed at Excellence Playa Mujeres (just north of Cancun) earlier this year and it was fabulous. We paid about $600/night for all inclusive but I think in September it could be almost half that price because you're still in hurricane season. I know people who still go that time of year because it's not a guaranteed risk and so worth it. It's a great resort.
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We stayed at the NOW resort in Puerto Vallarta last year and it was wonderful. Downside for your criteria is its a high rise. Upside is its on the Pacific so not as susceptible to hurricane season. We went during high season and I think we paid $1500 for the week. My hubby talked about getting an AirBnb for our next trip and I was not having it; all-ins are the real deal if you just want to relax.
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I stayed at Beloved in Playa Mujeres (literally next door to the place joan_holloway mentioned) and it was FABULOUSSSSSSSS. I found Oyster to be a good guide.
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Mrs. Fist and I stayed at Calabash Cove in St. Lucia: it's a smallish all-inclusive that I would recommend to someone looking for a quiet getaway. Do a swim-up suite, spend your time in the pool. We left the property once in seven days, and didn't really feel that we'd missed anything. Find your bliss in the rum punch.
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I stayed at Club Med Ixtapa for a conference. The rooms were very nice, although they weren't private cabins. The food was actually good (unlike an all-inclusive resort I was at in Los Cabos, where the food really wasn't good). The drinks were fine. It looked like there were a lot of really nice activities (cooking, sailing, kayaking, learning trampoline) that I didn't get to do because I was there for a conference. The ocean was nice, and there was a pool too. I guess there probably were excursions you could've paid for. I would totally go back. (I really want to!! Just not sure when.)

They had a ceviche that was *really good*. Seriously, the food was good.

(A fast google suggests it's either one or two stops to fly from Minneapolis to Ixtapa. But it was a really great place to stay.)
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We had a great vacation experience at the Finest by Excellence mentioned above. Found best price including air on their website that was matched by a travel agent who was able to find direct air. The ocean was gentle due to geography. Not cabanas, but 3 story buildings. Smaller resort in size.
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For direct flights from MSP in September, your sole option is Cancun. Lots of high rises, though.
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Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun is excellent -- and if you sign up for their mailing list, they FREQUENTLY have 35% off sales!
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It was several years ago, but we had a blast at Couples Swept Away in Jamaica. Lots of fun water sports, food and drinks were good, and you could find food options on the lighter side when you wanted.
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