Do I still need AirPort Express on my Mac?
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I haven't paid attention for ages to my router and just discovered that I have an AirPort Express (version 6.37) connected to my Verizon router. Might someone know if I still need it or could I just use the Verizon router? I honestly forgot what the AirPort Express even does. Thanks! (MyMac runs OS Sierra 10.12.6).
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It's a WiFi access point. Open Airport Utility on your Mac and see if you're connected to when you're online. If you are, it's providing your WiFi, so removing it means you will no longer have this WiFi at home. If you are not connected to it that means your router is broadcasting the WiFi in your home.
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Thanks, floam. So, still functional/useful/necessary?
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Disconnect it. If wifi is no longer available, plug it back in. :)
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I use an Apple Airport even though I have a perfectly serviceable router / Wi-Fi device from my ISP. It makes it so much easier to switch Internet providers, for one. Also, the Airport app makes it easy to see what's going on in the network.
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Thanks, floam. So, still functional/useful/necessary?

You need to figure out if you're actually using it or not. Also, one thing it can provide even if it's not providing wifi is you can plug it into speakers and you can have your Mac and any iPhones/iPads stream music to them wirelessly. But the main thing is whether or not you're using it. Do what I suggested, or do what freethefeet said and unplug it and see if it breaks things.
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