Connecting iPhone video to composite in a Honda Odyssey
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This week, my wife and I discovered that the 2010 Honda Odyssey that we bought in December has (female) composite inputs. Help us think of cool things we can do.

My idea is to take one of these and connect an iphone running the Sling Tv app so that our backseat passengers can watch live tv on the built in entertainment system. Could this work? What else am I not thinking of? Also, I know I’d need to use a 30 pin to lightening adapter to make the above gizmo work.

Thanks, as always, for your help.
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Best answer: It looks as though the analog video output is not supported by the lightning adapters.

You probably want to start with an HDMI->composite adapter to "modernize" the van, and then plug your sources into that.
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If the SlingTV thing doesn't work, you can buy an older "video iPod" that does support 3.5mm jack-to-composite and load movies/TV shows on there. I think Apple stopped this feature around 2014 or so?
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