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A company I work for is building a hi-rise condominium building, and hired a drone to take still images of the views from where each floor will be located. So potential buyers can see what views a specific apartment would have. I have received all these images and need to present them with some kind of user interface…I am picturing a website that would display these images.

A user could click on a particular floor and then see all the views for that floor (and click to enlarge each one) or alternatively click on a floor and then have a choice of direction (facing east, south…). I have basic design skills but I can’t think of a way to make this happen and it’s beyond my coding abilities. If you had to create something like this, what platform/software/general strategy would you use? Thanks!
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How about a squarespace site? Choose a template. Have a gallery with a few hero images but make a page for each floor with text and images of the views.
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Sorry, but this is one of those "If you have to ask..." questions.

I can see a rendering of the building with clickable links. Or a simple list of clickable locations, as well. But you're not going to get an answer via some response here. Someone with the ability needs to actually "do" it.
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Yeah, a site like SquareSpace won't make this exactly 100% the way you're seeing it in your head, probably, but it will make it perfectly functional and nice-looking. If you can't actually code and you aren't looking to learn or pay someone to do so, it's probably usually better to start by looking for just "a place that I can create a decent-looking website with" and then look at the tools you have available and see what kind of things you can make with those tools and create your plan of how the site will function based on that.
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Honestly, I don't see a need to overcomplicate this. You can do it all on one page. Something like this:
Floor 9:
[] [] [] []

Floor 10:
[] [] [] []

Floor 11:
[] [] [] []
And so on, where the []s are thumbnail images. You can then use Lightbox or something similar to enlarge the thumbnails.
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Could you use an off-the-shelf product like you would use for interactive floorplans, except instead of looking in, you're looking out? I see this all the time on real estate listings. Like this one: http://www.smartfloorplan.com/p/t/shell5.php?id=v387613&idx=yes - some of the photos are from the porch looking into the back yard. You would just *only* have the photos looking out.

Basically, what are you using for the rest of your marketing?

If something like this is too janky for you, you probably need to hire an actual web developer.
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