Where to find a co-author for a business book?
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I'm looking for co-author(s)/ copy-writer(s) to write large pieces of a business book for executives based on academic research. This book will be co-authored with leading scholars in this particular field. There will be compensation, writing credit and royalties. Are there any recommended websites/agencies to help link me with potential partners? Thanks in advance!
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If you can find a literary agent, they could probably hook you up.
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One avenue worth exploring to find people who have contributed academic or trade journal articles about topic X . These might be also interested in co-authoring a book with you.

Another angle is, assuming that you're from an academic background, is to find somebody who has a business background and gives media interviews (or already writes in the media) about topic X. This has the added bonus of the book getting free publicity when it is published.
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Go to FreelanceSuccess.com. I'm a member. It has a database of writers and editors, some of whom have done exactly the kind of work you are talking about. Or go straight to contacting Bronwyn Fryer. She used to be a former Senior Editor for Harvard Business Review and makes her living writing non-fiction books with or for business leaders, among others. Good luck!
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If you already have a publisher, they might have ideas. (Source: my publisher had a list of possibilities, though I ended up choosing someone I'd already worked with.)
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