How do you read the Washington Post?
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I have a digital national subscription to the Washington Post. It seems useless because it won't keep me logged in on my phone, but the app is very hard to navigate for what I want (mostly Hax and Petri.) Am I doing something wrong?

Any time I go to on my iphone (e.g. a link from soc media or from MF), I am told about the different subscriptions I could buy. But I already have a subscription, and every damn time I figure out where the login is, and log in again, but it's painful as hell considering I spend $100/yr on the thing. Meanwhile I think I can only use their Digital Edition app? It's bad, but maybe it doesn't have to be this bad and I'm missing something obvious? Help me read the Washington Post with my eyes!
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It won't help with links but your digital sub probably come with access to the replica edition via the PressReader app.
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That is annoying. Part of the problem is that if you navigate to a site via an app like Twitter or Facebook, it actually opens in an in-app browser which doesn't share cookies with the main browser you use. This is why you have to keep logging in again.

I prefer using their mobile site with my subscription, but if I use an app, my go to is The Washington Post Classic.

If you click on the gear in the upper right, you can see the options to sign in. I have found it does a good job of saving my login information.

I tend to navigate by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and doing a keyword search. However, you can also click on the sections icon on the bottom navigation bar. You'll find links to Petri under Opinions and to Hax under Lifestyle.
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Thanks, MissMerryMack - I should have clarified that I've had the login problem in Safari, in the Facebook browser AND in whatever Twitter opens, and the cookie doesn't persist in any of them. I'll check out the Classic app.
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I read a handful of Post articles every day on my phone via the Flipboard app. I'm not a subscriber and have never been asked to log in or been prevented from reading an article.
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Let me know if you figure out the thing with the app. You put "Hax" in the search and it comes up with nothing! And none of the live discussions are there, either. To be fair, their digital content in general seems to be held together with spit and bailing wire. The hosts of the the chats flat-out admit your best chance for finding stuff is to use Google, because their internal search engine has a very limited index.

I assume you don't have cookies turned off in general, right? Settings -> Safari -> Privacy and Security -> Block Cookies should say "Allow from Websites I Visit". If it says "Always block" you definitely won't stay logged in, and some sites won't work with "Allow from Current Website Only."
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I came from 2005 to tell you that RSS is the most reliable way to get specific Washington Post content. You can get Hax via a this RSS feed.

Here's Petrie's, as well as a list of all feeds.

I use inoreader, which allows you to view the whole article within the RSS reader itself.

Hopefully Bezos will be able to fix this before rss dies for good.
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Does it log you out each and every time? Or does it log you out from the browser site if you then use the app after that? That is to say, if you logged-in to WaPo today using just the browser and then, if your very next visit to WaPo was also in the same browser, would you need to log-in again?

Could it be that WaPo does not allow you to be logged-in on two platforms (browser and app) concurrently?
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Seems like an issue with the way your iPhone is handling cookies. On my phone (Android / Chrome browser) I stay logged in forever on both web and app (I agree the web is often easier to use). So in general it should work, but if your browser is clearing cookies when it closes or something that would explain the problem you're seeing.
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They have three damn apps. You probably want The Washington Post Classic, as noted above. They seem to want you to use both the Classic and the Print Edition apps, but the Print Edition was a resource hog on my iPad and I haven't missed it since I deleted it.

I hope their RSS feeds have gotten better than they were mumblety years ago when I last used an RSS reader. They used to resend the same content a lot and occasionally pop up a whole feed as new again.

Also, you're not just using private browsing all the time are you? Is your Safari address bar black or silver? That would wipe out your cookies every time you closed a tab.
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Are you using Safari or Chrome in incognito mode by chance? I access WaPo from my browser all the time and it keeps me logged in.
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