YA Fantasy - book identification
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Driving myself crazy trying to remember (and Google and such) a book that I read as a teenager.

Things I remember:
- Published before 2004
- Got it in the YA section of the library
- At that time, I was reading Gail Carson Levine & Robin McKinley type stuff
- Likely a female author
- Takes place in a generic Western fantasy setting (not much magic and no mythical creatures)
- Main character was a young woman (I seem to remember blonde braids?)
- She tutors a young boy at some point
- Ends up with a quiet servant/employee of her father whose name starts with a B (it's after midnight and I can't get Bronn out of my head but that's not it). She sees a scaffold during a festival and it makes her sad, she thinks to herself that she'd like a man who would notice the same thing (B notices later on)
- Maybe she disguises herself as a jester or storyteller at some point?

Finding it hard to Google (or find in MeFi recommendation threads), since it doesn't seem to have been that popular. Does this ring any bells? Am I crazy? Should I go to bed and hope MetaFilter knows?? Yes.
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Details don't quite match, but maybe Jackaroo by Cynthia Voigt?
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Yes, Jackaroo by Cynthia Voight! Her name was Gywn and her love interest's name was Burl. She was a simple inkeeper's daughter who found the costume and moonlighted as Jackaroo, a bandit who served the people, like Robin Hood. I loved that novel and still have my teen copy. Definitely due for a re-read.
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That's it!! Thanks you two.
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