Can I get retroactive PPI insurance to cover old artwork?
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Is it possible to get retroactive PPI insurance in the UK. If it's not, is it worth me selling old pottery that I've made if it won't be covered by my current insurance?

I'm a potter in the UK and I'm doing my first show on Sunday. I'd been planning to sell some older stock. However I've only recently gotten PPI insurance and have discovered this won't cover any stock made before the cover started. Is it possible to get retroactive PPI insurance to cover this stock? If it isn't should I consider not selling my old stock? Or is there a way to cover myself, for instance including a leaflet with each purchase stating the potential hazards?

Some of my older work has a texture that can be feel sharp as the edges are fine. If handled incorrectly this could potentially cause damage to people or furniture. I've handled these pieces for the last two years and never been cut or hurt by it, nor have I damaged any furniture. However you never know what other people will do with it. So now I've discovered that the old stock won't be covered I'm worrying a bit about the potential impact a claim would have.
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Call your insurance company & ask for a price to extend cover to the old stock. If the price is stupid, sell new work only.
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Not to encourage insurance fraud, but in the event something does ever happen ( very unlikely ), how would you prove to your insurer at what date a specific piece of work was produced? Or in other words, could the insurer somehow prove a work of yours was produced before your contract kicked in... If not, then i wouldn't worry about it and just sell your old stock.
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