How to dab en español
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Native Latin Spanish speakers of Mefi, how would you translate the sentence "Dab that thing." into Latin Spanish? Subject is you (understood), context is a short celebration at the end of a workout, sentence is said by a man to a child playfully just before the speaker himself dabs. If you don't know what el dab is, please see here.

A bit of trivia: MeFi's Own Tom Watson dabbed in the House of Commons, which is immensely amusing as well as a sure sign that the fad is as over as bottle flipping.
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Haz el dab.

I don't think there's a verb "dabar" in use but maybe someone has heard it.
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My kids use dabear, which is a sort of weird spanglish verbing:

Yo dabeo
Tú dabeas
Él/Ella dabea
Nosotros dabeamos
Ustedes dabean
Ellos dabean
(Vosotros dabeáis :)

Your sentence, however, is problematic in Spanish. Literally translated, you'd say Dabea la cosa, but that just won't fly. You could say Dabéalo, but I feel it lacks emphasis...

Ok, now everyone here is having a philosophical discussion on the uses of dabing in English and Spanish. The consensus is that the least bad option is ¡Dabea esa cosa!
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