How do hairdressers *do* hair dusting (split end removal)?
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Split ends aren't necessarily that easy to see in my hair. I feel that if I were looking at hair like mine, it would take me hours to get most of the split ends out by just looking around hair with a pair of scissors. (The ones in my hair aren't just at the cut end of the hair; there are some throughout the hair.) How do hairdressers do it? Do they fail to remove most split ends, even when that's specifically what you've asked for? Or do they have a special tool? Or what?
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They don't specifically target the split hairs, they just cut off the very ends of basically all the hairs. If you take a little section of hair and flatten it between two fingers near the top of your hair so it bends over one of your fingers, then slowly slide your fingers down, you can see that as you go down, any hair that ends sort of pops up. Then they cut that off. That way you just lose like a quarter inch off every individual hair and you don't lose any of the overall style/length (I mean, except that quarter inch).

I mean, they don't literally get them all, and it's definitely something that is a skill honed through teaching and practice, but that's the general idea.
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There's also the technique of taking small bunches of hair and twisting them, then snipping off the split ends that pop out from the "rope". This is useful for the split ends that aren't just at the ends of your hair (i.e. the shorter hairs throughout). Unfortunately, I can't find a description of the technique, but it was most likely on the Long Hair Community forum.

It takes forever depending on hair length, and I wouldn't ask my hairdresser to do it unless I knew there were lots of splits in certain sections I myself couldn't reach.
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Here's an example from a salon:

I do basically the same thing at home.
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