Bike Stolen In Seattle! Where do I start?
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My bike was just stolen in Seattle, out of the Green Lake community center parking lot. Lock was broken. Bike was practically new, so pretty upset. Already spoke with the police and gave them the serial number, what are my next steps? Are there any bike/pawn shops that are known to buy stolen bikes? Can I call them directly? Any websites other than Craigslist where people try to unload stolen bikes? Do thieves usually wait a while before selling or try and sell right away? Help! :/
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Recovered two(!) stolen bikes through Craigslist. One right away, another about six weeks after it was stolen. If it was indeed new and you bought it within the last 90 days with a credit card that features purchase protection, they might refund some or all of your money.
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If you have some photos and contact stuff, me mail me. I live adjacent to Greenlake and can post in the various neighborhood social media groups if you haven't already.
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I've had more than one bike stolen over the years. It's hard to lost a great bike, especially when it's new to me.

I personally think the most important place to start - for my own emotional health! - is to let go of the bike emotionally.
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There's some Twitter accounts that might help or might help to follow:

- (They link to

-If the thief abandons it, it might show up here:

-And this is another place you can register it, for whatever that's worth.
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