What is the best biography/history of the Rothschild family?
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Googling for this is hard for probably obvious reasons. I've read the wikipedia page and in the notes I see a few options, but 1.) I want to really make sure I'm not wasting time with anti-Semitic conspiracy craziness and 2.) I'd like something readable and hopefully not dry. By best, I really just mean readable - I'm more of a pop history person.
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Richard W. Davis' The English Rothschilds (1983) is standard for that branch of the family.
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Don't know about 'best', but the two Niall Ferguson books were a good read. It's certainly not anti-Semitic, if anything he's overly sympathetic. The best part was the window into the creating of modern finance during and after the Napoleonic war. I thought the first one was a more interesting read, but that's because the subject matter lent itself to storytelling better. The House of Rothschild: Volume 1: Money's Prophets: 1798-1848
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I read this one a long time ago, probably a previous edition. I enjoyed it. Very readable and not crazy at all.
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The ferguson books are great and predate his current persona.
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