Help identifying Ikea sofa from c. 2000
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Please help me identify this Ikea sofa (the 3-seater on the right), purchased around Summer/Fall 2000.

Sofa is sturdy and in generally good shape, except for the seat cushions (which have been scratched up and puked on by our pets one too many times), so we're reluctant to get an entirely new sofa. I would like to replace the seat cushions and order a custom-made cover. It's not the Stockholm, Ektorp, or any other current Ikea model (though the silhouette seems closest to the Stockholm, so perhaps it's a much older version). There's no information about model name or number on the sofa or the cushions. (The photo I've linked to isn't mine, it's just the only one I've been able to find online, and it doesn't have any identifying info, either.)

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Tomelilla, I think.
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The seat cushions are definitely similar to the Tomelilla, but I don't think that's it; the Tomelilla frame has a dip between the arm rest and the sofa back, while with mine it's the same level all the way around. Also the Tomelilla has five throw cushions for the back, while mine has three fitted back cushions (though it came with a couple of smaller throws).
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Do the cushion covers not have labels on them? In my experience upholstered Ikea furniture has labels on the covers.
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Nope, no identifying labels on the cushion covers, just fabric tags that say not to wash or dry clean (though I've actually done both a few times in an effort to get out the faint lingering scent of dog puke). It's possible they originally came with labels that I took off after buying it.
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Why not email IKEA with a photo?
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If you're close to an Ikea, the customer service people can be wizards.
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Looks like there are some companies (example) that can make slip covers for you, even if you don't know which sofa it is.

I worked there for 5 years (2002-2006), and the silhouette doesn't look familiar to me, but it could have been discontinued before my time there. I'm stumped!

You could also try submitting the question to Ikea Hackers?

Maybe another MeFite will have a copy of the 2000 catalogue, as it might be in there as well.
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I don't have the 2000 catalog, but found Dalarna in the 2001 catalog.
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That's it! ortoLANparty, may all the Swedish meatballs (and/or Princess torte) you desire be yours.
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I knew my collection would prove useful. For anyone else who needs an item ID: I have 2003-present, 2001, 1997-1999, 1990, and a couple of 1970s-1980s catalogs for reference. (Always looking for more...)
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