We want to stretch, but not necessarily sweat.
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Looking for recommendations for yoga videos that are 15-20 minutes long and are relatively easy to do (rather than intense and difficult).

My wife and I tried doing the yoga workout that comes with P90X. We really enjoyed doing it together, but it's too long and too intense to do regularly (i.e., several times per week once the kids are in bed). We're wondering if there are any good routines out there that are relatively short so we can fit them into our day and that emphasize flexibility over difficulty/sweating. Videos that we can follow are best. Thanks!
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I like Rodney Yee for this. He has several DVDs with 20 min. sessions -- Yoga For Your Week, Yoga for Beginners and Daily Yoga (but I think there are others). I like his demeanor a lot (and if I had room to do yoga, I'd pull these DVDs back out).

I know you can get these digitally with a Gaiam subscription but the DVDs are so cheap it's probably just better to go that route.
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I liked Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners.
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Best answer: Check out Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. As well as being a delightful human being, her free videos are carefully paced, with excellent commentary taking you through the practice. Lots of easy fifteen to twenty minute videos too.
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I like the Yoga for the Rest of Us series for getting everything stretched out without a lot of intensity. My favorite is the Easy Yoga for Arthritis since I also find it helpful for dealing with muscle tension from too much computer use. Plus it's great for when I'm dealing with some medical issue that would make vigorous exercise impossible. You could do the whole thing while sitting in a chair.
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Came in to say Yoga with Adriene! Love her.
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Try DoYogaWithMe. They have videos of all different levels, durations, styles.
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Take a look at Yoga By Candace on YouTube. She includes a number of shorter beginner routines.
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I use yogaglo.com, tons of routines from 10 to 90 minutes and you can filter them to find one that fits you (eg. type of prop/no props, running focus, focus on particular part of body etc.)
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Another vote for Yoga with Adrienne. Her 30 days of Yoga is amazing - it's just enough daily that it's not a bother but you really feel stronger after a few weeks.
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+1 for Yoga with Adrienne! I'm on day 16 of her 30 Day Yoga Revolution right now. She's great, and explains things well. And she's very encouraging and non-judgemental. There are tons of videos on YouTube, many tailored for various circumstances/goals/etc.
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Other search terms you can use for youtube are 'yin yoga', 'relaxation yoga' and 'restorative yoga'.
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