Deciding on a new tub...what size should I get?
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We could go up to 66x32, we have the space but the space is very modest and I can't decide if losing 2" of floor space is a dealbreaker or not. I looked for one that was 66x30 (saves floor space, can still stretch out) but that size doesn't really exist. My choices are: 60x30 (regular), 60x32 (medium) or 66x32 (large). How much more awesome is that 2" inside the tub?

We are moderately sized humans, under 6'-0" tall. I am 64" tall. This new bathroom is part of an addition and something about not springing for the larger tub just seems like maybe selling ourselves short. We have another tub in the house, a shallower tub which is standard size at 60x30. The new tub, regardless of width will get an additional 5" of soaking depth which feels like it would make up for it being the same size as our other tub. The price to go 2" wider seems about the same. However, the large tub is about twice the price and about $300 more than I had budgeted for the tub.

What would you do? As a short person is there something disadvantageous about a longer tub? Please help me decide!
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I agree depth is great (I sometimes lust after those sit-down tub-boot things), and for what it's worth, I have never in my life been soaking and thinking "this tub is just too big."

Squeeze in as much luxurious soaking space as you can.
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Do you know about Japanese-style ofuro tubs? Do an image search to get a better picture of how they differ from the traditional European tubs.
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I hate our big tub. The one we just had to have but never gets used. I feel wasteful as it uses a lot of water.
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I would have loved an ofuro but it doesn't work for this project.
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Is your hot water heater big enough to fill the tub with hot-enough water? I once lived in a house with an extra-deep tub and a too-small hot water heater and it was so frustrating.
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How often do you take baths? I have a bigger tub, described as a "soaking" tub, not sure of the dimensions. It uses a lot of water. It's nice to use. The big difference is that I asked the builder to insulate it. He used the foam carpet padding from carpet that I had removed, and it's so nice to be able to stay in the tub for a couple chapters. I underheat my house in winter, and I have to bump up the water heater in advance of a bath in winter because the cold porcelain has to be warmed. I need a music stand to hold the tablet for the occasional movie & bath luxury. Wish I'd thought of an ofuro.
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Has the GC doing the addition got an engineer on hand to figure out if the joists can support the weight of the larger tub ?

(My sister put in a big jet/soaker tub in her 2nd floor master, and had to do a lot of extra re-enforcement to support the additional weight)
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Joist support is not a problem. It's new construction and the tub is right next to the foundation on two sides. Good idea about the insulation and a big "hmmmmm" about the water tank. Something to think on for sure.
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You and your spouse sit on the ground and measure back of butt to bottom of foot. If to inches is the difference between straight or unstraight legs, get the bigger tub. Alternately, measure your current tub, or visit a friend's tub. Do you wish it was longer or is it fine... This is happily an easy problem to test out in the real world.
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And I do think you should test it. Tubs matter.
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I have been annoyed with tubs that are too long, in which my feet would not reach the opposite side even with legs fully extended. Apparently I like to have my feet anchored. So I agree you should measure and test.
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I once bought a condo in part because of the relatively long (but not extra deep) tub. So Nthing folks above. Test, measure, enjoy!
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As a short person is there something disadvantageous about a longer tub?

Yes. I'm the same height as you. I would not choose a 66" tub because I would not be able to brace myself with my shoulders at one end and feet at the other in order to read in the bath, and reading in the bath is a joyous thing.
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