Help when will Delicious let me export my bookmarks?
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Suddenly Delicious closed and the site's been closed now ever since!

Suddenly Delicious closed and i couldn't export my bookmarks, and i relied on them. I've been waiting patiently for the site to come back online because Pinboard said it would soon after it went down. I finally emailed and DM'd on twitter like it says and no reply. Heelllp, there was a lot in there. Thanks in advance
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The site appears to be online to me, but requires you to sign in. Are you seeing something different?
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Delicious is up at, its old address. Export is available in your settings once you're logged in.
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Server Error
An error occurred. See the error logs for more information. (Turn debug on to display exception reports here)

that's what i'm seeing at
in all browsers. i'm in the uk...
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totally up here … dunno what to suggest.

If you hadn't changed your login details after the first big shakeup, ISTR reading something about how those accounts are likely gone. I know my account, unchanged since 2011, is very dead and deleted.
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Well, as a last resort, if you ask @pinboard on Twitter, you're probably more likely to get a response than @delicious.
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after your comments, i used Epic, which is great but slow, an Indian privacy-driven browser that always uses proxies, and it worked! still don't understand, but entirely happy now. Thanks!
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URL works for me in Thailand. I'd try accessing it from a device from which you've never accessed delicious before. Maybe it's gagging on something in the cookies on your device.
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My guess is that using Epic worked because it was a different browser with no cookies set. You probably had some state stored in your main browser that triggered a bug in the Delicious code. If that happens again you can try a different browser, or you can just use an Incognito / Private Mode window in your preferred browser.
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Now it's working again.... in the same browser... it did this some times before... who knows? I'm going to pick a random answer as best to close it because i don't want to keep boring people, but first thank you to everyone, metafilter is amazing, i can never figure out why loads of people bother to help you:)
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