How to Purchase 400 Conejos Mezcal in the US
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I'm trying to purchase this brand of mezcal for my BF's birthday later this month. We had it when we were in Mexico and he liked it a lot. I'm not finding much options online and not seeing anything that would ship to the US. Anyone know any other ways? I'm in Texas.
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If there's no US (or, more to the point, Texas) distribution, you'll probably have to get creative.

I have previously ordered whisky from overseas without any trouble. I don't think it's technically legal, but it worked just fine.
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Talk to your local better liquor store and see if its something they can order from a distributor.

You could try and find a store in mexico to order it for you, then drive to pick it up.

International shipping is a crapshoot, fairly certain its not legal into the US, despite some places doing it.
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I'm not sure where you live in Texas, but if it's close to a Spec's that would be my first stop. They do special orders and will be able to tell you if it's possible to get it in general.
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The easiest way is to ask someone traveling from Mexico to the US to bring it with them. I have done it before.

I know that option is difficult, so I contacted the brand on Facebook, asking about US distribution. Let's see what they answer.

A third option would be to look for a similar mezcal. 400 Conejos is a joven espadĂ­n mezcal (joven: young, un-aged; espadin is the variety of agave used to produce it). Similar mezcales won't necessarily taste the same, but they will be closer than other varieties.

I found the following brands that sell in the US; haven't tried them so can't give a specific recommendation:

- Wahaka
- Ilegal
- Fidencio (Sin humo version)
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