Recommendations for books about 40 year old space probes
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After the recent wonderful NYT article on the ageing scientists and engineers of the two Voyagers, still silently transmitting from outside the heliosphere ( the Voyagers, not the engineers), I wonder whether I could get some recommendations on literature about the probes' journey and discoveries.
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The Interstellar Age: The Story of the NASA Men and Women Who Flew the Forty-Year Voyager Mission by Jim Bell. It's not a perfect book -- the author doesn't do enough to describe the parts in the mission that he wasn't present for, he's way too interested in the Golden Record, and he occasionally talks to readers as if science is an entirely new thing to them. But there are some great passages about the big planetary flybys, problem-solving along the way, and the people who are running the mission today.
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I don't have a book recommendation, but I happened to run across this article at Ars today which mentioned an upcoming documentary on PBS that might interest you:
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The Voyager Neptune Travel Guide < - - 114MB PDF from Nasa's technical reports server.

The Voyager Neptune Travel Guide < - - paperback (used) from Amazon

Have a copy - it's a great geeky read. Full of orbit dynamics, science objectives and planning, layman level detail on the hardware.
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The NASA History Office has a chapter on the Voyager program (and many other topics).
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Thank you all!

Will take those recommendations home with me.
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