Help finding the Bob Ross of handwriting lessons in the 1970s
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There was a white woman with long brown hair and a soothing voice who taught handwriting on, I think, public television. I used to watch and write along with her, probably in the early 1970s. I would love to know her name and find some videos of her shows. My google-fu is failing me. Can you help me, Mefites?
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Possibly Cursive Handwriting with Virginia Henderson?
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Good try, but it's not her. She had long straight hair and was usually standing at a chalkboard, I think. You most often saw her from the back or side as she wrote.
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What city/state?
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Nashville, TN
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Was it Miss Nancy?
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No, not Miss Nancy. Her hair was long - near or past her shoulders, and she was much younger. She was always standing - never seated.
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Any chance it was these teachers from Tennessee? (No pictures available unfortunately.)
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If you follow purple_bird's link, there is a slide show at the top where you can click through for an old photo of Patty Pierce - although she may have looked different in the years when you were watching.
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purple_bird, thank you, but no, it's not her. I appreciate everyone's time, but this may go unsolved for now. Cheers!
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