Bob Ross, Jim Henson, and Fred Rogers walk into a bar....
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I recently saw a clip of Jim Henson talking about making puppets and he had this totally zen, chilled-out vibe that reminded me of Bob Ross and Fred Rogers (and Cheech and Chong). Both relaxed and relaxing.

a) Who else sounds like this?
b) How can I achieve this feeling?
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There's a show with Mary Berry that's currently on YouTube (I won't link it, because I think it's not supposed to be on YouTube and will probably NOT be on YouTube soon) called "Everyday Cooking," and she definitely has that laid-back, chat while doing something lovely vibe.
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Google ASMR and YouTube and you will get a lot of hits.
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Tara Brach
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Honestly I think it's more remarkable/noticeable when the speakers happen to be men, as witness your list.
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Carl Sagan
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If you are not familiar with two staples of classic Canadian children's TV, Mr. Dressup (Ernie Coombs) and The Friendly Giant (Bob Homme), you are in for a treat. They were very gentle, calm people who had very gentle, calm shows. Their speaking voices were very calming and restful, a lot like Jim Henson, Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers. I grew up watching these shows in the 1970s and 1980s, and I cried when Mr. Dressup died in 2001.

It's hard to find full episodes of Mr. Dressup, but here is an archive CBC interview with Ernie Coombs right before he filmed his last episode, talking about his 30 year career.

Friendly Giant is more easily available on YouTube. Here is a summer music episode and a winter episode.

Happy listening! "Look up. Look waaaaaaaaay up."
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B) is pretty obvious: make puppets, write songs, make art, observe nature, talk to children and treat them like people. Try to make the world a better place, try to teach people what you've learned. Joke around and smoke weed. Don't take yourself too seriously. Maybe grow out your hair if you're a man.

Mix and match as necessary, and YMMV. But that's what those folks are famous for, and at times I try to follow all of their leads.
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Reminds me of non-violent communication.
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Scarlett Johansson has this vibe, depends on what she's talking about tho. There is a minor character in eat pray love movie, during the pray portion, who also has this vibe. I call it being cosmically relaxed.

Depends on how woo you want to get, there are meditations to get you there. You have to lose all fear of being judged or of not reaching your goals, be open to sharing power with others to the point of letting them direct the flow of the conversation completely; relaxing into your root / sacral chakra does this too. Meditate deeply on the thought "I'm ok, you're ok, we are safe here" until you really Get it. I've been in that place, it is indeed wonderful, although certainly not my natural state unfortunately. Good luck.
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Julia Child?
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Aldous Huxley
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Listening to Garrison Keilor (not the whole Prairie Home Companion bit -- just the man) has a similar effect for me.
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Ted Nugent.

No seriously. Watch it.
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I think you need Fred Penner also. Look up "Fred Penner talks".
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