Just give me a darn tissue
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My husband hates it when the pop-up kleenex falls inside the tissue box and he has to fish around to pull one up. He's taken to pulling all the kleenex out of the box and depositing the bare stack on the counter, which I think looks messy and is certainly unsanitary.

I would like to find a box to contain the tissues with a slotted lid that fits inside the box, so that it presses down on the tissue stack, always keeping one tissue available to pull out. I've tried Googling "drop lid tissue box" with no good results. Has anyone seen or used such a thing?
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Tissue Ring? On a decorative rectangular plate or platter?
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After some searching I found the Tissue.Know tissue box which claims to solve this problem with a spring-loaded platform under the stack of tissues. I've never tried it myself.
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I like the box opening on Puffs brand tissues. Here's a picture. When you open the box, it's pretty tightly packed, so the first dozen or so have to be gently coaxed out, but after that, they are ready to hand.

I worked for a while in an office that provided tissues for employees, but after I had the same problem that your husband reports, I started bringing my own Puffs because they are so much less hassle.
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We only use Puffs (plus lotion, specifically) longbox for this reason. Honestly, I'd rather the top tissue sit exposed than have to touch the edge or the plastic lining that someone else's hands have touched.

Plus, we tend to like tissues at hand everywhere in the house, and the form factor means we can take out half the tissues in a new box to refill an empty one in another room.
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If you try the Puffs recommended, and your husband does not like this either, then an alternative would be to go to some place like the container store, find an open container of the right size to hold the tissues, and use that with a tissue ring on top of the tissues.
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Thanks everyone. I'm going to buy a box of Puffs to see if we like the tissues. In the meantime, we've got half a dozen boxes of Kleenex to use up, and I'll cut them out in the front like the Puff's box.
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Another Puffs user for this reason! I use the square-topped box and it works a _lot_ better than the other brand I tried.
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Another alternative (let's see if I can score 2 best answers): If you like the tissues you're currently buying, take a pair of scissors and modify the box to approximate the opening in the Puffs box.
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Oops. I see you already thought of that.
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Some tissue boxes have perforated lines underneath that you can push up to help keep the tissues closer to the opening when they start to run low. I don't know if this applies to the Kleenex boxes you have.
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If you don't feel like DIY crafting, buy your box of Puffs, then when it's gone open, up the spare new Kleenex box via the flaps on the end of box, and put the whole stack into the empty Puffs box.
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My ex-mother-in-law hated tissue boxes too, and had a nice wicker basket that was just a little larger than a stack of tissues. She'd tear open the new boxes and lay the stack in the basket. Looked a lot better on her sideboard than a garishly branded cardboard box.
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This does the trick for us: Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover.
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Have you considered mounted dispensers? Gravity works downwards :)
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