DC-Metro area traffic issues: who's blogging about this?
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I'm trying to learn more about the problems that cause motor vehicle traffic, and possible solutions for remediating said problems. I'd like to find transportation-focused blogs and Twitter accounts I can keep up with. Subject matter should include gridlock, infrastructure funding, bike lanes/safety, accident prevention, funding, and government contractors hired to research and implement said proposals. Bonus points for DC Metro area extending into Virginia, even as far south as Fredericksburg, or Richmond.

Again, really looking to learn more about this ESPECIALLY on the Virginia side, but general DC Metro area is OK as long as it has a lot of good, well-researched information on traffic issues and solutions as a whole.

I'm assuming there are people in the area who blog about these things. I've tried finding them on Twitter and the like but not coming up with much. But surely, given that DC's traffic congestion ranks it among the Top 10 in the country, these experts have to be out there, somewhere, blogging and tweeting!

Thank you in advance for your help!
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Worlds greatest urban planning blog is in your area: https://ggwash.org/
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Yes was going to say greater greater Washington also.
The wash cycle for dc bike related stuff is really good too
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Martin Di Caro, WAMU's transportation reporter, has a Twitter feed that might work.
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Streetsblog doesnt have a dedicated DC section but they cover the area.
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Martin Di Caro is the answer here.
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