More running shorts, please!
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Hello friends! In the past couple years, I've taken up running. When it's cooler, I like to wear running tights. But in the heat, they're just too warm. I have one pair of shorts that works pretty well, but I need to find more. Help me find shorts to my specifications:

I need shorts that are essentially running tights, but shorter. (Hitting somewhere right around the knee.) Traditional flappy running shorts don't work for me because my legs rub together, so they would cause chafing.

I would prefer something high waisted. If there was something high waisted and with a drawstring waist, that would be perfect.

Because these are for summer running, the fabric ought to be lightweight and breathable.

I wear US women's size 18, or XL usually in non-numbered sizes.
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Title Nine has a few things that come close:

No drawstring, but high waisted; might be a little shorter than you want

Probably about the right length, but still no drawstring

Flappy shorts, but with tights under layer, still no drawstring, might be short

These all go up to XL (which they map to a 16).
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You might check out rowing shorts (AKA "trou"). Here are some examples from one manufacturer. They usually have a bit of padding under the sit bones but not a full-on chamois like bike shorts, and they often have a drawstring waist. Here's another brand.
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I like the pair of GypsyRunner shorts I have - no drawstring, but high-waisted with huge pockets and available in a bunch of different lengths.
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I like to run in shorts that are as you have described and they are surprisingly hard to find. Since I'm short I'm used to getting a ton of stuff hemmed anyway so I just got two pairs of the correct weight high-waisted Champion brand running capris on clearance at Target and had them hemmed to just above the knee for $7 each.
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Maybe these yoga shorts? Or these Nike shorts?

Zappos may also be a good place to look because you can filter by inseam length. I found these by filtering womens running shorts for inseams longer than 8 inches. the same brand makes other long shorts, and these have a drawstring!
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There are these from lucy -- no drawstring and they look more mid-rise, but they have an XL which says it fits 16-18.
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I believe all of these have drawstrings (I have ordered most of my shoes/gear from Running Warehouse for years now, they have great service, but you may be able to find these cheaper if you google the brands and models). Alas, they are all black which I think you probably aren't going to be thrilled with, but here you go:

Endurance Pro

Scoot Short


Lucy Power Train
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So I just went shopping at Eddie Bauer for school clothes and there's a pair of shorts there that might work for you and everything is 40% off through the weekend. It's these ones- no drawstring but available through an XL and they went all the way up to my belly button. And ZIPPERED POCKETS.
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Best answer: I really like the Under Armour 7" shorts like these. Their "slider" shorts are the same. Excellent breathability and they prevent chafing.
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Response by poster: I ended up with two pairs of the Under Armor shorts, and they're working well for me!
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