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One of my favorite re-watchable movies is Harold Becker's Malice (1993) featuring Nicole Kidman, Bill Pullman and Alec Baldwin. Can you help me find more like it?

I must have seen Malice one hundred times. I've got the urge for twisty thrillers with the criteria that make Malice great.

1. A twisty thriller with crossing and double-crossing

2. Great acting with great character actors or feature actors (in Malice we had Peter Gallagher, George C. Scott, and Bebe Neuwirth)

3. Has a dramatic turn featuring a "this changes everything" moment

4. Memorable lines like "Welcome to the game" and "You ask me if I have a God Complex. Let me tell you something. I am God."

5. A really great, immersive setting. In Malice it was Boston.

6. Suspense.

Thank you so much for your assistance with this. I'm dying for thrillers out here.
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Have you ever seen The Last of Sheila? I can't guarantee that it has aged well and I've never seen Malice, but I think it's worth a shot. I mean, look at the credits.
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The Grifters? Seems like it fits most of your requirements.
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For your sake, I hope you've never seen "The Usual Suspects." Sorry if you have, unless you can confirm that it's another example of what you're looking for (or care to delineate the ways in which it's not).
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This made me think of Deathtrap, featuring Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine. It's based on an Ira Levin play and directed by Sidney Lumet, so it takes place entirely in one location, a large house, IIRC. It doesn't fit the bill for immersive setting, therefore, but it hits on all your other points. Not sure how accurate my memory is, or how well it's aged, but it is definitely worth a watch overall, I think.
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Michael Clayton
The Game
The Talented Mr. Ripley
The Prestige
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead
Matchstick Men
Primal Fear
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Body Heat (1981)
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Coupla oldies:
Witness for the Prosecution
Bad Day at Black Rock hits your points if you think a Western can be immersive.
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Another big vote for Primal Fear.
Great acting by Richard Gere, Laura Linney, Edward Norton...and I never saw the plot twist coming.
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The Last Seduction
No Way Out
I also agree Michael Clayton is awesome. Clooney's best performance, imo.
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Sweet Smell of Success - a noiry thriller, shockingly modern for its age, Vince Gilligan's favorite film
Sleuth - tiny cast, but very twisty, similar to Deathtrap
The Color of Night - extremely trashy, inappropriate, and totally over-the-top, an embarrassment of a film in some ways, but also an embarrassment of riches when it comes to good actors and twists
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Blood Simple.
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I remember Malice as being a kind of "bad Hitchcock" film. You might like some of the trashier Brian DePalma films like Body Double or Dressed to Kill.
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Ok, now I just noticed your name.
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Wild Things is deliciously over the top!
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