Gianduia... where are ya?
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Where in the Alexandria/Arlington/DC area can I find Gianduia? Or online, without paying an arm and a leg? Nutella will not suffice anymore, and I need some gianduia. I am seeking any and all available forms - spread, tube, candy, gelato, etc... I've checked the Italian Store - no luck. Carluccio's on King Street used to carry it, but they recently closed. Where else can I find this rich amazing deliciousness?
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For candies, you can go to Neuhaus--I know there's one at Union Station in DC.
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Pretty sure I've seen it at Le Pain Quotidien in jars.
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I can't vouch for it personally, but Via Umbria in Georgetown seems to have this.
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I'd ask at A. Litteri.
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You might call Rodman's to see if they have it or can get it. I didn't see it on their website, but they often have lots of in-store items that aren't shown on the website.
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Searching on Yelp also helps for brainstorming possibilities--here (for gianduja) and here (for gianduia).
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Lindt makes gianduiotti, the chocolates, that are just like the ones you can get in Italy. The closest store to you seems to be in Maryland:
Located in: Tanger Outlet National Harbor
Address: 6800 Oxon Hill Rd, Oxon Hill, MD 20745
Hours: Open today · 9AM–9PM
Phone: (301) 839-2052
I would call before heading there, of course.
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Have you tried that new "Italian Shop" place that's around the corner from Trader Joe's in Old Town? If you're standing facing St. Asaph Street with TJ's behind you, go left and walk to the end of the block, then look to your left. It's in a white building mid-block, before the Exxon station.

I think it might actually be called "The Italian Shop" ... something very similar, but not related to, the place in N. Arlington.

They might be able to order it for you if they don't have it. Nice people!!
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You can usually get a couple different forms from Zingerman's. It's not cheap, but I'd be deeply suspicious of a cheap version. Good chocolate and high nut density = expensive.

If you want to try *something* el cheapo, though, see if you can't find a packet of Justin's? It's not as good as it was back before it became "chocolate hazelnut blend," but it might be right for the price.
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If you can find someplace that stocks Callebaut bulk chocolate, you might be able to persuade them to order their eleven-pound block of gianduja and sell you a portion of it. (You could also buy an eleven-pound block of it from Amazon, but that violates the arm-and-leg part of your question, and if you did then you'd have eleven pounds of gianduja in the house...but not for long.)

My gianduja fix item here in small-town PA is Guylian Belgian Chocolate Sea Shells, which are relatively easy to find.
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Many thanks for the leads. A Gianduia progress report:
- stopped in to a nearby Le Pain Quotiddeian and asked if I might be able to sample their chocolate hazelnut spread. It was much too sweet (way sweeter than Nutella) and not rich and nutty like Gianduia. Pass.
- I contacted The Italian Place - they do not carry it in their stores, but have received many requests, and said they may consider carry it.
- Had to go to Tanger Outlets and stopped into Lindt - they have so many Giandua chocolates!! At least five different kinds, from milk, to dark, to crunchy, nougat, etc. They have little gold triangle logs that look and taste just like the Caffarel ones I brought back from Italy. Expensive though, at $33/pound!
- jocelmeow, dear god I may have to splurge on that beautiful 11lb bar, and omg it’s not like it’s going to go to waste AT ALL. (And also way more cost effective than the Lindt chocolates.)
- will try the other marketplaces soon, but they're a little out of my way. Though some of them look deliciously promising.
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